Elegance and intelligence evolved: the global debut of OMODA 7

2 May 2024

At the Beijing Motor Show, Chery unveiled the new OMODA 7 model, marking a further advancement in aesthetics and creating smart mobility solutions for the future.

The vehicle adopts a “Stylish 360°” design language, with each aspect meticulously crafted to exude style. Its perfect dynamic proportions extend smoothly, featuring a low-slung posture and a sophisticated fastback silhouette, precisely capturing the aesthetic preferences of a youthful target audience.

This eye-catching design extends into the cabin with the OMODA 7 featuring an ultra-sensitive intelligent cockpit. Inside is highlighted by a 15.6-inch sliding centre screen and a panoramic sound immersive audio system with 12+2 speakers, which offers a concert hall quality sound experience.

There is also four-zone voice interaction for comprehensive and precise response to the needs of the occupants; simultaneously, while an intelligent fragrance system paired with active noise cancellation perfectly creates a fresh, serene, and comfortable travel space.

The SUV utilises the latest hybrid powertrain architecture, balancing performance, fuel efficiency, and driving experience. An energy-saving mode allows OMODA 7 to achieve an estimated range of 1200km on a full tank and battery.

OMODA 7 will commence its global launch in 2025.