Earlier this month, a delegation from Chery Automobile, joined UNICEF on a comprehensive visit to the February 2023 earthquake-affected regions of Hatay, Nurdağı, and Kilis in Turkey. This visit focused on educational programs, from early childhood education to adolescent skills.

Throughout the two-day visit, the Chery delegation actively participated in educational and skill-development activities, engaging with students, teachers, and stakeholders.

The journey began with a visit to Hilalkent 2 School in Hatay, constructed through collaboration between the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MoNE) and UNICEF. While at the school, the delegation observed and participated in mathematics and Turkish lessons, gaining valuable insights into the current learning environment. Mr. Zhang Guibing, General Manager of Chery International, Mr Paolo Marchi, UNICEF Representative to Turkey and Mr. Zhang Shengshan, Executive Vice President of Chery International, engaged in the classes, interacted with the children and held discussions with education staff throughout the visit.

Following this, Mr. Zhang Guibing, General Manager of Chery International, concluded, “Protecting every child’s right to education is Chery’s motivation. We are steadfast in supporting UNICEF’s efforts to enhance and advocate for children’s education. This collaboration epitomizes Chery’s strong commitment to fostering societal progress.”

Visiting two UNICEF supported centers, the delegation gained insight into the skills training program, which equips young people with essential skills for the future. In Nurdağı, they observed students engaging in robotics and 3D modelling projects, showcasing innovative learning approaches. In Kilis, they interacted with students participating in art and English courses, highlighting the broad range of educational opportunities available to support the affected communities.

“This visit cements our partnership with Chery Automobile and our joint commitment to supporting children in Turkey in accessing quality education. Through this partnership, and the flexible funding provided we can reach children with timely educational support, including those living in the areas affected by the 2023 earthquakes. Private sector partnerships such as this one with Chery plays a crucial role in UNICEF’s efforts to amplify impact, leverage resources, and create sustainable solutions for vulnerable children in Turkey around the world,”, said Paolo Marchi, UNICEF Representative to Turkey.

On October 17th, 2023, Chery Automobile and UNICEF announced a new two-year, $6 million partnership, in support of education programs around the world.

Looking ahead, Chery will not only continue to prioritize global public welfare initiatives in environmental protection and social care, but also strive to achieve mutual benefits with consumers, employees, and partners.